Screen Enclosure Questions, size, strength, etc


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May 11, 2020
Tampa FL

We live in Tampa and are in the process of speaking with PB's and plan on building a screen enclosure. Call it 34' wide and 30' deep.

I know we need the smaller ratio for the tiny no seeums....have seen people say 17/14 or 20x20. (Any thoughts?)

We also have oak trees all the way at the back of the property and the some of the branches will be over the cage. We have plenty of squirrels that already live in said trees and bury their stashes in our grass in the yard. My wife recently added a bird feeder which they enjoy trying to eat out of!

My question is there a stronger type of screen that can withstand them walking on with claws and maybe even gnawing on, if that's even an issue. Just trying to think ahead. We never paid them much attention but saw once the bird feeder went up and how persistent they can be! I don't want to put up an enclosure and find holes in it shortly after!