Scheduling days on Jandy iAquaLink automation


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May 20, 2020
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I was trying to schedule my pressure operated cleaner to only operate 3 days a week. On the Jandy AquaLink schedule screen you can select a day (M-F), weekend, weekdays or ALL. However, in the manual (HO433600) there is an example that shows Mon (M) and Wed (W) or another with different days. See picture below from the manual.

So I contacted Jandy support via email. I got a reply within 24 hrs. stating that feature to select random days is NOT available. However, it was passed onto the software development group and may be added to a future update.

So anyone trying to schedule random days, the only solution is to schedule that line item individually for each random day. See my schedule for my Cleaner on Wed and Friday at same time as separate line items.

If any one has a work around other than this, your input is appreciated.

Hope this helps.
Schedule Screen from Manual HO433600.PNGSchedule for Random Days.PNG
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