scared of using bleach with the vinyl

Jun 22, 2008
i've been looking around and it seems that using liquid chlorine is comparable to using granular chlorine or pucks in terms of fading a vinyl pool, i just wanted to make sure. Also, since my pool is vinyl is better to just pour the bleach straight into the skimmer versus in front of the return jets? I remember reading something advising against pouring it into the skimmer. Any help is appreciated. thanks.
Bleach is FINE in the's acid you don't want to pour in there.
IF you are really concerned about fading know that all forms of chlorine can and will cause it. Nature of the beast. You can pour the bleach in the skimmer, pour it into the stream of the return. Dilute it in a bucket of water and broadcast it over the pool. or 'walk" the bottle around the pool (walk around the pool while slowly pouring the bleach in). All vinyl liners will fade over time. It usually will occur when you need to shock when killing algae. IMHO, there is more fading from sunlight than from chlorine over the life of the liner.