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Aug 9, 2020
forney tx
I have aboveground pool I had had a pool company come to my house and put chemicals in my pool for scale it did not work I have scale all the way around my pool from the top the bottom of the walls so far it's not on the bottom I need help this is a new liner put the new liner in last yr.

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: It's certainly not impossible, but a bit surprising and interesting to hear you have significant scale around much of your pool in just one year. So let's check on some info:
- How do you normally chlorinate your water? What product(s)?
- How do you test your pool water? Which test kit?
- Post a full set of water test results.
- Update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info (include the test kit). We refer to that on each post.
- Have you been able to gently scrape any of that substance off of the pool walls and test it? Gather into a small pile and carefully pour some muriatic acid on it - it should fizzle.

Let's start there and we'll see what we can do to help.