Scale Build-up in Pipes?


Jun 24, 2020
Loomis, CA
I recently upgraded to a new VS pump and SWG system. The pump moves significantly more water. Almost immediately, I started seeing white flakes and powder on bottom under the returns. I am guessing this is just years of scale build up. Anyone else experience this?


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
What SWCG do you have (please add to your signature)?
When a SWCG switches polarity, it cleans the cell plates of scale buildup and that comes out of the returns.
To minimize that, you need to track CSI - Calcium Saturation Index (CSI) - Trouble Free Pool. Keeping CSI between -0.3 and 0 will minimize the occurrence of scale on your SWCG cell plates.

Post a full set of test results and we can provide guidance.

It is very unlikely this is coming from your piping.