Sawdust in my pool


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Jul 19, 2010
Hello! I'm new to the forum as I recently purchased a home with a pool. I certainly have a lot to learn but I think my neighbors started me out with a very difficult situation. While I was out running errands on Saturday, they had a tree cut down and mulched in their back yard. I came home to find the mulcher finishing up right up against our fence. Now my pool (which I have owned for one week) is full of sawdust and looks green (from the yellow sawdust combined with my blue liner). I definitely know it is not algae or anything in the water as most of the water is very clear and I can see sawdust floating :)

I've run my pool vacuum (a Dolphin) 3 times but the water still has plenty of sawdust in it. Has anyone dealt with this before? It doesnt seem as though my pool filter is filtering the sawdust out (too small of particles maybe) and my vacuum certainly isn't getting it all.

I've read about what info is needed in these postings so hopefully the following covers is it all:
vinyl lined 32,000 gallon pool with a sand filter. we have a skimmer, 2 jets, and a main drain in the bottom of the pool.

Any assistance you could provide would be so greatly appreciated as I really don't know where to start!!

Thank you all! :-D


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Jan 6, 2010
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The filter will get it, once it ends up in the skimmer. For the big chunks, stretch a nylon or some pantyhose over your skimmer basket. You might just have to load up on chlorine, let it mix, then shut things down overnight (or longer) just to let the sawdust settle out. Then try vacuuming again.


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Feb 23, 2008
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Do you have a manual vacuum that you can use? The Dolphin will pick things up eventually but you may find it easier to do the manual vacuum. They have ones that you can put though your skimmer. I would use a skimmer sock to keep the sawdust out of the filter as much as possible.

I might even consider contacting your neighbor and finding out the name of the company who is responsible for the mess and send them a bill.

Keep your chlorine level up in your pool. All that sawdust will make things get yucky quickly.