Saving money on a new pump

Jan 24, 2012
I am thinking of getting a new pump because of my electric bill. My neighbor showed me his efficient pump (variable speed) and that has improved his electric bill tremendously. Of course, his pool is different than mine so I am not sure if it would work for me.

My current pump is a single speed 1 1/2hp. My pool is 17000 gallons. My cartridge is a 1750 hayward. Lastly, the pool is outdoor and there are times where I have to clean the skimmer out daily due to leaves.

Anyways, my main concern would be that the new pump wouldn't do the job properly, especially due to the outdoor/nature stuff that keeps falling into the pool.

Anyways, any ideas?


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Aug 30, 2016
Riverside, CA
Just got a Pentair SuperFlo VS and it works great! Right now Pentair is giving back a $50 rebate on them and you may get one from your power utility too. You will need to run it on clean cycle for a couple hours a day but the rest of the time you can run it down low and save some money!
Jan 24, 2012
So this???
Pentair 342001 SuperFlo VS Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pool Pump

Also, is there a difference between running at 110V versus 230V?

And one more thing, I assume this works with a salt generator, correct?


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
The superflo VS is a great pump. I love mine it cheap to run and efficient. There is effectively no difference between running it at 110v or 230v ( Watts = Volts x Amps). You will be able to run your SWG without any problems.