Sanity check of pool specification


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Jul 20, 2016
Campbell, CA
Hi all,

In the process of getting quotes for our new pool, I've received one quote with the below specifications. Do the specs look good or are there some things where I should ask for "upgrade"?


Pool Specifications
Pool Perimeter: 101 lineal feet
Pool Size: 15’6” x 35’0”, 478 square feet
Pool Depth: 3’0” x 6’6”
Spa Size 6’6” x 7’6”
Spa Elevation at pool level

Plumbing Specifications
 Non-corrosive plumbing (Sch. 40 or greater) below ground as required
 All plumbing to be pressure tested throughout construction
 All plumbing will meet or exceed all building department requirements.
 Manual fill line with brass anti-siphon valve installed.
 Never lube Jandy valves (5 year guarantee on diverter seal)
 2 ½’’ Pool Suction and Return Lines at 2”
 Two Deluxe Anti-Vortex main drain covers in pool meeting Virginia Graeme Baker Pool Spa Safety Act.
 Skimmer in pool to collect floating debris.
 Spa Suction and Return at 2 ½”. Airline at 2”
 6 Spa Roto Jets included

Custom Steel Construction
 Steel reinforcing to exceed local engineering codes (65 PCF per soils report)
 Steel bars to be elevated to a minimum of 3” above soil by concrete spacers

 engineered gunite structure, minimum 6-sack mix pneumatically applied.
 Fibermesh mixed gunite for additional strength and improved curing.
 Continuous gunite inspection by crew supervision.
 60 sq. ft. of steps included per plan

 Others to bring Electrical service to equipment pad (30 amps)
 Approved junction boxes for pool & spa lights at equipment
 One convenience GFI outlet within 6-20 feet of pool edge at equipment
 Contractor to hook up existing motors, lights, heater, filter, and controls.
 Three Nexuss LED lights in pool, one in spa
 Jandy PDA-PS6 handheld automated remote control with iAqualink smartphone controls included

 6” Band of Standard Waterline Tile in pool
 14” x 24” concrete coping included
 Colored grout included

Plaster/Interior Finish
 Wetedge technologies Satin Matrix interior finish included

Equipment Specifications
 Pump: One Jandy Stealth 2.0 h.p. Variable Speed ePump Included
 Filter: Jandy 460 sq. ft. CV Cartridge filter for the optimum filtering and convenience for the homeowner
 Heater: Jandy Jxi 400,000 BTU heater included
 Control System: Jandy PDA-PS6 handheld automated remote control with iAqualink smartphone controls included
 Light: Three Nexuss LED lights in pool, one in spa
 Pool Sanitation: Jandy FusionSoft Minerals + Salt Chlorine Generator included
 No pool sweep included. Owner to buy Robotic Cleaner
 Coverpools Automatic Pool cover included with stainless steel brackets for coping over. 100’ electrical for keyswitch included


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Jan 17, 2012
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Two suggestions- Lose the Mineral system. Adding metals in to your water (copper/silver) via these mineral systems is asking for staining of pool surfaces and green hair down the road. Too many folks find this out after its too late.. save yourself the grief.

Secondly, I would also suggest increasing the depth all over ... 3.0 is far too shallow and 6.6 isn't deep enough to dive in. Live it up! Go DEEP or go home! :cool:


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Jun 22, 2016
I'm still a rookie around these parts but your pool depth jumped out at me. First, be sure to clarify what depth you want measured at water level. Have it in writing. Second 3'0" is REALLY shallow. Most people on this forum who have a 3'6" shallow end have regretted it, while those with 4'0" have been very happy.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Thanks :)

Regarding the mineral system, I think this is what they're suggesting: Nature2 Fusion Soft Mineral Sanitizer | ZODIACs
Would you recommend a different SWCG that only adds salt but no minerals?

There are people here who end up paying big bucks to REMOVE the metals and minerals from their pool. It can cause staining to the pool and hair. SWG is the way to go!



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May 10, 2010
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YippeeSkippy said nearly word for word what I was going to say. The only other thing I would add is maybe go with higher than 30 amp service to the pad for future upgrades. Otherwise it looks like a fairly basic pool with basic automation, lots of stuff in those specs that are things that all pools must have to meet building / electrical code.


p.s. I see no mention of decking in the quote, which can be a large part typical pool expense


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Aug 6, 2016
Spring, Texas
I too am struggling with pool depth. I've got an 11 year old son that will want to jump in so we are going to 7 feet (no diving).

Shallow end we are thinking 3 3/4 or 4 feet. Right now a 4' water level would place the water a bit under my sons chin.

It's important to think about how the pool will be used - but everybody has their own plan.

Enjoy the planning!


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Jul 16, 2012
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Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Hayward Aqua Rite (T-15)
Kudos for getting an autocover quote. They are great in most respects (but not in cost for sure - and they need to be maintained and repaired - so factor those in longer term.) I'm not sure if they broke out the autocover pricing but I'd expect it was a $10-15K addition. Make sure you have rounded edges on the spa corners for where the autocover will drag over it. That area will be very prone to wearing out the cover and early failure otherwise.

Unions on equipment pad at all equipment connections. A well spaced equipment pad. Require an owner consultation of the layout prior to them piping everything. You can follow-up here later for specifics on best practices there.

There are many areas for upgrades, coping and tile are two common ones. It is fine to make preliminary selections now to see how your tastes are pricing out. Most peoples tastes are not 'standard' from what I see. Be sure to specify the grout color in writing.

Also clearly specify the pool depths as "water depth - middle of skimmer" depths. There can be confusion sometimes (and then it's too late) about how the depth was intended - some PB's interpret it as to top of coping (not common but should be specified).

Document model numbers of every piece of equipment, pump, filter, SWCG, slide, lights, etc. in contract.


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Aug 18, 2014
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Your pool length/width is very similar to ours and we have the 3'6" to 6'6" depth. It's just about right for everyone... kiddo, grandma and us. I wouldn't sweat the depth too much, with the understanding that once it's poured, it's done.


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Mar 1, 2012
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The autocover is great. I assume your tracks will be mounted under your coping and you'll have a pit at one end of the pool. It will greatly decrease you pool maintainence. I know the look of the attached spa is nice, but do consider the materials the cover will drag over. Have you considered haveing the spa be detached from the pool? Pool builder spas are really world's away from what you can buy and have brought in.

To keep your autocover looking like new you'll need to treat it a couple times a year with 303 protectant, I didn't because it's a huge chore and after 5 years it's really showing the beat down the sun gave it...