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Jul 2, 2015
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Hey everyone, been a member for a year or two but havent posted in a while. I have a roughly 20-25k gallon 18x36 oval inground pool. Vinyl liner 2 years old. Cartridge filter setup. Anyways, so I unfortunately let my pool go completely over the Florida "winter" months and reopened it recently. Obviously was green and nasty when i started to SLAM last week. pH was high, (over 8) and had 0 stabilizer, TA was 60. CH was 140. After finally getting the gunk and leaves from the bottom, adding like 7lbs of stabilizer and completing the SLAM process, my pool is clean, and clear with stable test results. Only one problem, the liner feels rough, like sandpaper. I was thinking calcium buildup, but my ch level was only 140 and now after alot of vacuuming to waste and water replacement its at 110 or so. Any thoughts? And will this clear up on its own after a bit with good test results? I use a Taylor reagent test kit. Numbers are as follows as of 11 am today
Chlorine 7
CC 0
Ph 7.4
TA 90
CyA 20-30 ish
CH 110
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May 19, 2010
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It could very well be calcium scaling even with a CH of only 150ppm if the pH was allowed to get very high for an extended period of time.

Keeping the pH on the low end and brush a good bit and report back.