Sand in sight glass?


May 30, 2009
When back washing or rinsing, I see sand in the sight glass of my brand new hayward unit ( for an above ground pool.) I have to wonder why, and am I pumping sand out of the filter with every backwash? I followed the instructions for filling the filter tank. I thought a small amount at first would be ok,,and I have removed the sight glass and emptied the sand ,but it returns . Is this normal?


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Jun 6, 2008
Central, CT
Sounds normal to me, mine does the same thing.

You will lose a very minimal amount of sand while backwashing, but we're supposed to open up the filter once a season for cleaning and maintenance anyway.


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Jun 3, 2008
Near Knoxville TN
Just like the replies above I always see some sand then it clears during the rinse. After about 18 years of backwashing to the same area it looks like a small beach.