Sand in Pool?


Aug 11, 2019
Choctaw, OK
24K Gunite IC40 SD80..Sand in the pool/spa is the problem. I opened up the filter and tried backwashing with a small improvement. Sand is 4 yrs old and i am beginning to think i have a lateral problem. Any recommendations before i replace the sand, stand pipe and laterals? Do laterals just fail? Thanks!20220411_090235.jpg20220414_123246.jpg

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Is that a garden hose in the filter? Were you doing a sand deep clean? There have been occasions where the garden hose was pushed down too hard and damaged a lateral. But what about wind in your area? It's been extremely windy down here making my pool look messy. Easy way to check is place a thin sock or nylon over a return jet or two and see if you catch sand. If you confirm sand, it's a no-brainer. You have to open it up, empty the sand, and pull the laterals out to see if one came loose, got cracked, or if the hub connection is the issue. But save the sand. Scoop onto a tarp or something since sand doesn't just go bad.


Aug 11, 2019
Choctaw, OK
Yes a garden hose doing a deep clean. I was extremely careful to not contact laterals. After the deep clean it seemed the pool cleaned up. 8 hrs later the sand is back and yes a lot of wind this year. I tried placing my hand over a jet but no luck catching anything. I will steal some hose and check at a jet. One thing that i noticed was i didnt feel as much sand when i was deep cleaning as i thought i would. I notice quiet a bit when i backflush.Thanks


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