Sand in pool under returns and loud pump

May 31, 2008
Last year I noticed a little sand, but I am noticing more this year. What could be the problem?

I have a Hayward S-200 filter that I have done no maintenance on for the two years I have lived here.

I am also having problems with my 3/4 HP Hayward Super Pump. It is running very hot and making a whining noise. I took it apart and cleaned it but it didn't help any. I have been running it only about 1 hr at a time several times a day so it doesn't get too hot and completely crap out on me. I assume the bearings are bad. Is this worth taking somewhere to repair or should I buy new?

This is a very frustrating start to the new season.

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I got a new motor and pump for around $180 and voila, silence. Mine was making the same noise. I also am getting some sand through the returns, I suspect the one of the laterals has a hole in it. Which I would not be surprised since one time when I emptied it I just rolled it around and dumped the sand out. Eventually when it gets bad enough I will just either replace the filter, or try to fix it. Fixing it would have to be done all at once though, not filtering is not good.