Sand in pool / filter nightmare

Debra Joan

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Jun 18, 2020
Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Story followed by questions ...

Last season I noticed sand in the pool near the jet closest to the filter/pump. I wanted to remove the filter sand and inspect the laterals before opening this season. I have a Hayward S-244T. I removed the top mount valve clamp and was unable to lift the valve. After numerous attempts, and watching youtube videos, twisting and prying with two screwdrivers the valve came off leaving the bottom section, that looks like a cage, still stuck to the sides of the filter. I had to use WD40 and the screwdrivers again to get this part away from the filter housing/opening. It looks okay except for the small plastic part that a single phillips head screw goes into. I removed the sand, a little at a time, with a shopvac placing it in a clean plastic garbage can for reuse. Unfortunately the "cup" inside the bottom of the filter, to center the assembly, is no longer glued in place. It was mostly dry sand because I had removed the screw-on draincap at the end of last season. Next disaster was removing the screw in laterals. 5 unscrewed with a bit of force. The next 3 needed an open end wrench. The next one needed a vice-grip and the last one came out with the entire assembly tilting it to one side and then once out using the vise-grip. Two of the laterals showed obvious small breaks. After reading other's entries here I decided I would replace all 10 laterals ... that was also an issue. Using the part number I could not find them on the internet. The closest, that I ordered and returned were about 5 inches long. Mine were about 7 inches long ... and guys, size matters! I reluctantly went to a local Leslie's and they found a set, with the same part number, in CA and had them mailed to the Atlanta store and surprisingly they were just $48.00 and although the threaded ende is different I believe they will work.

Questions before assembly:

What kind of glue for lateral assembly centering cup on the bottom?
Should lubricant or teflon tape be used on laterals thread?
Should lubricant be used on assembly pipe to top mount valve or where the "cage" makes contact with the inside of container?
Is it okay to simply snap "cage" on the bottom of the valve?
Since I don't know how much sand was loss, should I just use 300 pounds of new HTH sand? (I don't know what sand my husband used)
Should I be concerned with shorter threads on new black laterals?
Have I missed anything or do you need more pictures?

Thanks again for this site and to all who helped me through last season,


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Hello .... is anyone out there?

I don’t think anyone here had tried to rebuild your filter the way you are. I think folks would have just bought a new filter and started fresh. These products are not made to be very rebuildable and manufacturers do not supply much assembly information.

Best of luck figuring it out.

Debra Joan

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Jun 18, 2020
Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Allen, thanks for responding. Spending over $500 for a new filter just isn't in the budget this year. I don't think asking if laterals should have a lubricant or thread tape is rebuilding. So far it's just $50 for new laterals and I'll clean and reuse the sand. I found a tube of silicone adhesive my husband used for a plumbing project that I can use for the "centering cup". I'll just guess at the rest .....
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