Sand in pool after replacing laterals and center pipe


May 2, 2020
We started getting quite a bit of sand in our pool last summer, so we had the laterals and center pipe replaced last week and the sand replaced. We didn't have the time to do it ourselves and all pool companies insisted the sand had to be replaced at the same time. But, we are still getting a lot of sand in the pool now, and when I backwash a fair amount of sand is coming out as well. What's going on? is it just overfilled and will take some time?
He showed me my old lateral assembly and the laterals were fine, but the base had about a 1 inch crack, so I assumed that was our issue.

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It's possible the install didn't go as expected. They should know to add some water to the filter before dumping the heavy sand into the vessel to protect the new laterals, but you never know. Without seeing the parts yourself, there's always a question if they installed everything correctly or if any parts had a defect. It's also possible the filter was over-filled, so that's another scenario. Since you had a company do the job for you, I would have them come back out and look into the problem.
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