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May 14, 2017
i have an above ground pool with a sand filter. my sand filter has no pressure . It was working a month ago. It is a best way flow clear 58199. We have done all the obvious checks. .any ideas what to do next ?

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: You mentioned that you've checked all the obvious things, but let's make sure:
- No valves closed or not set in the correct position by mistake?
- Could it be the gauge itself? (very common)
- Is the pump strainer basket full of water?
- How is water flow? Is it coming out of the return jets like normal?
- How is your water level to the poolside skimmer? High enough?
- Any chance of a blockage in the suction line(s)?
- Have you checked inside the pump (with power OFF) to the impeller to ensure it's not clogged? Turns freely?

Maybe one of those things have not been checked yet or will help you find the cause. If not, let us know. Nice to have you with us.