sand filter sizing question


Sep 8, 2010
Hi, I am upgrading my filter and my local poolman is suggesting the following. I have an Intex 15' x 48' round pool, and it holds about 5000 :?: gallons of water. I just want to make sure he is not selling me what he has left over at the end of the season....

3/4 hp pump and a 18" sand filter. He said it would take 100lbs of sand. Is it too big or small for my pool.



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Filter wise you can't really get to big. With that filter you will probably only backwash 2-3 times a year. Some will say the pump may be to big, go with 1/2hp or 2 speed etc, however my pool is only slighty bigger and I have 1hp and have no complaints at all, it's the best thing I've done for the pool since going bbb!
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