Sand filter making crackling sound and water found near sand filter & pump


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Oct 17, 2018
Southern Kentucky
This morning, when I went to turn the pump on for the day, I noticed that the ground around the pump and sand filter was wet. I turned the pump on, and the sand filter was making a strange crackling noise. I didn't see any water leaking from the pump or sand filter when the pump was running. The pump wasn't making any unusual noises and I didn't see any bubbles coming out of the returns. Filter pressure appeared to be normal. After I turned the pump off, I couldn't see any water coming out of the sand filter or pump. I checked the backwash line, and there was no water in that area. It looks like we lost a little bit of water in the pool overnight but I don't know if this was from evaporation or because of this leak. Does anyone know what could cause the sand filter to crackle like this and could also cause a leak around the sand filter and/or pump when the pump is off? Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how to figure out where the leak is coming from? And is it safe to run the pump for a while today until we can figure out what is causing this crackling noise and leak?
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