Sand filter: deep clean or new sand


May 13, 2020
I just watched the videos on deep cleaning and need advice on what the majority recommend. I’ve never knew about deep cleaning until today, so I have never deep cleaned and I have never changed the sand in it for approx 14 years(I didn’t even change it when I switched from baquacil to chlorine). I’ve noticed the past 4-6 years that it is taking many more days each year to get rid of the dead algea/cloudy water/etc. My sand filter is 500lbs. Since I have neglected the sand filter, should I opt for new sand or would deep cleaning still work. Also, with such a large filter, am I at higher risk of damaging those folding black thingies(yes, I just said thingies) with deep cleaning?


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May 3, 2014
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If you did not change the sand when you converted from the baqua, there is a good chance some of the sand could be cemented together. You can try a deep clean to see how bad it is, but the one standard of a baqua to chlorine conversion is the changing of the filter media. So it may be time now to do that.

The laterals will be ok unless you have to get very rough to clean the sand. Some use a short 1/2" piece of pvc pipe attached to the end of your garden hose to work into the sand. You just have to be careful.