Sand broadcast into the pool

May 9, 2008
JasonLion et. al.:

The above conversation about replacing sand leads me to the below:
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I am having "fairly significant" sand broadcast into the pool over the course of say a week or so. It seems to be the same amount that would accumulate in any give week (meaning it is not increasing at any appreciable rate) likely 2 or 3 pints worth.

We have never replaced the sand in the last 9 years, but do have to add a 50lb bag at the start of each season. Not sure what the previous owners did.

I had several thoughts/theories.

1. The sand is too fine for the filter. (I just buy silica sand at HomeDepot (does not say the grade), BUT my filter manual says to be a #20 Silica Sand. This then causes the sand to work through the vents in the filter, and ultimately out into the pool. BTW, filter is Sta-rite T-240BP (Max 62GPM, 40PSI).

2. The sand is being "worn down", becoming fine, then working through the vents in the filter, and ultimately out into the pool.

3. The pump is mismatched to the filter (Hayward Super-pump dual speed 1.0HP). High is only used for vaccuming and backwash, low is used rest of time. Per a different thread i responded to tonight, it sounds like this is not the case.

4. There is a crack in the piping in the filter- no issue here; the laterals have all been removed and inspected.

What are your thoughts? Could it be something else?


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