Sand backfill seeping under coping into pool

We had a Viking fiberglass pool installed last summer. Our fiberglass pool was installed with a sandstone coping and left with an exposed mortar bed underneath. The contractor agreed that it was not a good look to leave a pool with, stated they would not be installing any fiberglass pools in the future in this manner, and agreed to install tile below the sandstone coping to hide the mortar bed (after a great deal of discussion about why WE shouldn't have to pay for the tile). The pool contractor wanted to knock this project out early and I uncovered the pool today in preparation for their arrival. Once I began uncovering the pool I began to notice piles of sand at the base of the pool walls. To me it looks like whenever the ground became saturated with water it was forcing the sand back fill back into the pool. I am now concerned that this may affect the integrity of the pool and will cause problems with the pool tile in the future. The problem appears to be around the entire perimeter of the pool, with the greatest amount of sand being forced through where the grade does not permit it to flow away from the pool. I am not sure if a caulk would provide enough support to prevent future problems. I could add a french drain to the one wall that cannot shed water, but I am afraid this will do little to solve the problem since it occurs on all four walls. I was hoping to wrap everything up with the contractor this week and move on, but feel it may be in my best interest to contact Viking Pools about the problem. A water evacuation system was installed with the pool, and stays relatively dry aside from when the ground becomes extremely saturated. I would appreciate any input. Thanks.