SaltWater Chlorine generator for hot tub


Aug 18, 2016
El Campo Texas
I have a pool with chlorine generator, works great if you keep the salt content right. Anybody do on on a above ground hot tub?

if so how did you run the controler?


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I use the Saltron Mini... it works great for me..

It is called an "over the shoulder" SWCG as it is not part of the spa plumbing, it just sits in the spa when not in use.

Controller comes on every 24 hours and it runs for the number of hours you set.

Here are a couple of old pics...


Jim R.


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Jan 26, 2021
I have a drape over SWG too. I use the SmarterSpa and I believe a drape over SWG is the easiest way to manage a tub well.

My controller is just mounted to my tv cabinet that sits next to my hot tub. The controller is plugged into a power strip inside the cabinet. The cell just hangs over into the hot tub from the controller just like in the photos above in Jim R's post.

From my research, the Saltron Mini (see above) is a great model and a great value. If you want even less work and less testing but are willing to spend more money, I love the SmarterSpa. See link below for more details...

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