salt water systems new pool owner


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Jul 9, 2010
trying to pick a generator one local pool store told me to use a hayward goldline another company is trying to sell me a jandy ei series which is made for diy use which doesnt make any difference to me
the other systems dont look that hard
my pool is 30,000 gallons

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Oct 29, 2009
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rpt_thomas, welcome to TFP!
The most popular/common are the Hayward/Goldline and the Pentair models, mainly because that's what builders tend to install. They're good units; the Jandy and others probably are too, but not as many people have them. Just about any SWG install can be a DIY job; it's not very complicated. You'll want to get the largest cell size that you can (40k gallons probably).


I would consider the Gold Line to be an entry level product. I have heard good things about the Jandy, and it is supposed to relatively easy to install (and quick too!). The Pentair line is excellent as well.

You need to understand that SWCG are not "set it and forget it" applications, and will not take the place of checking/testing your water. They, like any other "convenience item" will require some attention, and will need additional chlorine supplementation at some point. As long as you are educated on what a SWCG is capable of doing, you will not be disappointed in them.

Oh yeah, and buy the biggest one you can (the IC-40 or equal would be perfect for your pool).


Apr 14, 2009
I installed a Circupool RJ60 this spring. Easy to install and has performed perfectly. Bought online for 1k. Smaller units (RJ45?) are cheaper.