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Aug 31, 2020
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Hello! I am very much looking for some advice and so happy to have found this group. We have an inground pool with a salt system. Our pool is 7 years old. It appeared the salt chlorinator (Pentair IC40) wasn’t working any more as it wasn’t producing chlorine despite the salt level being fine. We realized these are only supposed to last 5 years so we bought a new one. The new one has been installed and running 24/7 for over a week. The salt level continues to read completely fine, but it is not producing any chlorine. Upon investigating I read that the chlorine level in the pool must also be normal for the system to start working – so over the course of the week we have dumped in 6 gallons of chlorine. Yesterday the pool store told me once again it is reading no chlorine and my ph was low. We got a substance to bring up the ph and added two more gallons and this morning…nothing. No chlorine. What am I doing wrong???? Please help!


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May 3, 2014
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I really doubt that the problem is the salt cell.. I suspect that you have algae, even if you can't see it yet.. Is your pool cloudy or green?? If so, your pool is consuming more FC than your SWCG can generate..

The only way to know for sure is to run what we call an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test (OCLT) Overnight Chlorine Loss Test

You should take a look through our Pool School so you can quit going to the pool store.


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Have you ever seen minute bubbles coming out of one or more or your returns when the old SWGs green "CELL" light was on? That's an indication that your cell is producing chlorine. And if so, do you see those bubbles now? Seeing them means "producing," but not seeing them doesn't mean anything, as they don't always makes it all the way to the pool. Only if you saw them with the old SWG but not now.

Post a picture of your SWG when the green "CELL" light is on, so Marty and Jim can have a look. Depending on your settings, the "CELL" light won't always be on. That's normal. It cycles on and off depending on how many green lights are on in the "SANITIZER OUTPUT" section of the SWG's controls.
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