SALT READS "0" and won't reset!

Tyrone Shuz

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Jun 2, 2007
Bowie, MD
Aqua-Rite 940T less than a year old. We've had a lot of rain but as of 4 days ago or so there was 3800ppm salt. The display has always read below what the drop tests indicate. But yesterday it read 700, then 400, and now today 0. What could be wrong?


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Mar 2, 2011
For AquaRite, move the switch from auto to off and check all of the readings.

Move the switch back to auto and recheck the readings.

Move the switch to off for a minute and then back to auto and recheck the readings.

Report all readings.

What are the first seven characters of the cell and box serial numbers?

What is the actual salinity and how are you measuring it?

What is the T-cell size?

Is the T-cell size set correctly in settings?

To get the performance percentage of the cell in each polarity, divide the instant salinity reading in each polarity by the actual salinity reading in each polarity.

You need to be really sure about the actual salinity reading.

You need to use a K-1766 salt test kit or a calibrated meter.

K-1766 Taylor Salt Test

Tyrone Shuz

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Jun 2, 2007
Bowie, MD
Moved Auto to Off: Salt = 0 temp 74 volt 31.6, curr. 0 57% instant salt = -0 AL-0 r1.59 cell type T-15
Moved back to Auto ALL SAME but voltage read 31.3
OFF for 1 minute all the same 31.3 voltage
CELL 940T ser. no beginning with 4E20175
Display Box ser. no. beginning with 4A20176

Salt test is the drop test that comes with the TFP kit in blue case with the stirrer thingie.
When this thing works normally (though it never agrees with the drop test--it reads 300 to 400 ppm lower) the instant salt readings between Auto and SuperChlorinate are 100 apart after a reset, but they all read 0 or -0 now.
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