Salt Level


May 22, 2013
Marietta, GA
I hope everyone here will have patience as I tend to be on the anal side with OCD tendencies.

I was checking out the Salt Water Chlorine Generators section in the Pool School and then clicked on a link that took me to the Water Balance for SWG's section.

It says to ..." adjust salt to the manufacturer's recommended range (usually around 3000-3200 ppm but some models do need a higher level. Check your manual.) "

What manufacturer are they referring to? Pool manufacturer? Pump manufacturer? Filter Manufacturer?, etc.


P.S. Rather than ask a hundred questions at once, I am going to stagger them as they come up. Hopefully that is OK


TFP Guide
Apr 12, 2016
Tucson, AZ
The Salt Water Generator manufacturer's suggested level. SWGs may work better at different levels of salt based on their design - it's important to know the recommended salt level for your particular SWG and to maintain that. :)