Salt in a chlorine pool

Jun 17, 2015
Houston, Tx
I've noticed on pool math that when I add chilorine I also add salt. What is the effect of adding salt to my chlorine pool? Does salt collect over time like CYA? Or does the salt break down? Do I need to do anything about it?


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Aug 10, 2012
Yes, many things add salt to a pool and it does accumulate. All forms of chlorine, muriatic acid, tap water and people all add salt to a pool. Salt only leaves a pool through splash out, overflow, draining and carry out on bathers. Lots of people add 2000 ppm or so of salt to their pools to improve water feel. It feels better on skin and eyes.


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Jun 12, 2009
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Odds are if you asked this question to a typical pool store employee they would tell you that this is why you shouldn't use liquid chlorine. Then they will attempt to convince you to switch back to trichlor pucks. They will, of course, leave out that trichlor also adds salt to the pool. This is why when people in your neck of the woods tell us that their builder warned them of the dangers of salt most of us just have to laugh, every pool has salt in the water.

The only situation you would need to worry about is if you decide to install an SWG. Sometimes people will forget to test their salt level first and just dump in 2500 ppm of salt, then wonder why their SWG is telling them it can't run. Other than that, no worries.