Salt - Free Chlorine. Just to be clear


Mar 15, 2019
Good day All,

I am hoping to confirm (or not) my understanding of how the Chlorinator Cell works.

When I test with Taylor salt kit. I get 3600 salt and Free chlorine was at 3.5

My Question is this. The reading I get for 'salt' has nothing to do with the Chlorine (in a sense), it is simply telling me the amount of salt that is dissolved in the pool water. The Free Chlorine is then produced from that salt content. So, if I maintain a level of 3600 salt but run the chlorinator at too low a setting or not long enough my FC can drop too low but the salt reading will still be 3600??? Is this a correct understanding??

Lastly. When monitoring salt level in the Pentair easy touch diagnostics I notice the level fluctuates quite a bit( 3350 - 5500) compared with the Taylor test (that goes between 3400 - 3800)….Should I assume that if my salt is 3600 and FC is at 0 and I get the FC up to 4 should the salt reading be lower? because I've consumed some salt content and turned it temporarily into Chlorine?

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May 3, 2014
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Salt is not consumed. The SWCG converts a tiny bit into chlorine and then as the chlorne gets consumed by organics or UV it returns to salt. So your salinity will be steady unless you take saline water out of the pool and add fresh water. Evaporation has no effect.

If your SWCG is happy and creating chlorine, you can ignore the salinity. If the SWCG states it is not operating due to low salt, ALWAYS check the salinity with your test kit prior to adding salt. The one failure mode of a SWCG is it reporting low salt when that is not true.

Can you please fill out a signature of your pool type, volume, equipment, etc.