Salt chlorine generator advice


Jan 25, 2020
I have a 15000gal fiberglass pool, came with the house and the pool is sanitized with salt chlorine generator. Couple days ago the add like came in and stayed on (Zodaic duo clear 60). I really don’t know how old is this unit but it’s been working up till now. The salt level is where it should be. My problem now is figuring out what could be the actual problem. I have tried to troubleshoot it and i feel like it is the power board. Could the power board be the problem since everything still turn on? I am thinking of switching to liquid chlorine but I will still like to see if I can fix it and if it’s not worth it I don’t mind a good recommendation on what the best salt generator is. I just need to know if it’s worth trying to keep using the salt generator, I heard from some people that it is good until you have a situation like this. Thanks in advance.


May 20, 2016
Overland Park, KS
My Pentair IC-60 recently had the issue where it was reading my salt ppm very low and shutting itself down. The things that were checked in order were (1) the temperature/flow switch (2) the salt circuit board in the main panel and (3) the entire unit swapped out. The first two didn't fix the issue, the entire swap out for a new unit did. Temp/Flow switches are pretty cheap to replace. Salt boards are more expensive and a new unit if you have to buy it it the big ticket. I was lucky mine was still under warranty. I am not familiar with your SWG, just wanted to give you the info that I had from a recent issue on a Pentair.
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