Salt chlorinator lost quick will chemical balance deteriorate?

Apr 20, 2018
New pool owner and have been learning the ropes, trying to keep everything balanced.
Yesterday I got an error message saying that my SWG has no power (I have looked this up and it seems to be a motherboard issue and I have already ordered a soldering kit to repair). I am concerned that my free chlorine will drop rapidly as I live in Phoenix and the pool gets a lot of sunlight (plus my CYA levels were already low....I just bought the conditioner to raise it). How quick will I have a problem with the chlorine levels as it looks like I won't be able to initiate the repair until Saturday?
Any short term recommendations?
Thank you.


Gold Supporter
Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Do you monitor your free chlorine levels? You can lose 2-4ppm FC per day under normal conditions with proper CYA levels. If your CYA levels are low then your FC loss may be higher. If you have high levels of contaminants your FC loss will he higher. You can maintain your FC with bleach additions daily and amounts need must be calculated using your pool volume, CYA level, current FC and target FC

Long story short is you need good test data for FC, CYA, and pH at a minimum. Post your results. Calculate your pool volume. You also need to get some bleach without additives to avoid a low FC level and potential algae bloom. There is more to proper monitoring but this will hold you over until you get your SWG back on line.