Salinity meter imbalance


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Oct 17, 2014

I have an Onga RP3000SC chlorinator.

The chlorinator, due to it's self cleaning facility, reverses the polarity every 4 hours (on the hard water setting which I have it set to, 6 hourly on the soft water setting).

The output meter reads 100% on the right hand side, but, when it flicks to the left hand side, it reads only about 75%.

It has only started doing this recently and the behaviour is consistent (i.e. always the left hand side reads low).

The cell has been cleaned recently.

I'm not sure if the problem is just with the meter (I have tried tapping it etc) or the chlorinator unit or the cell.

Can't be the salinity of the water I guess, as then it would read the same both sides.

Any thoughts as to what might cause this? Could the salt cell be on it's way out? Pool appears ok - chlorine level ok.