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Apr 15, 2020
Pageland SC
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I have these two spots in the liner sagging down. My wife's granddad, who gave us this pool, has some molding that is supposed to hold it in place. He wants me to pull the liner back up and fix it. It has been that way at least a year and doesn't seem to hurt anything, but it seems to aggravate him that I haven't fixed it. He brings it up periodically that I need to fix it and he has the stuff.

The thing is...I've TRIED! I can pull it up and almost get it rolled over into the crease but not quite. I'm not quite strong enough I guess.

Any tips? If I pour hot water on it will that help me be able to stretch it up into place? It hasn't gotten any worse in a long time.


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Jun 16, 2019
You may need to drain some too. A foot might give you just enough play along with hot (not boiling it will melt the liner) water.
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