Safety suction fittings?


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Jan 30, 2018

I am renovating our pool. We have pool and spa, each with individual suction lines with their own valve. Generally they run together, but occasionally I shut one off, e.g. to vacuum the pool, or to drain the spa.

The spa suction goes to a SINGLE suction point on the spa drain, so is potential safety risk, even though the spa suction is almost never running whilst the main pool suction is shut off. The pool suction goes to skimmer, plus passive suction line to main drain.

Which of these types of fittings are safest for spa and main drain suction covers?: ... 2749.l2649 ... ctupt=true ... ctupt=true

Do you think it is safe enough if I install these covers, and have both spa and pool suctions open together in general use?

It will be extremely dificult to install a second suction point in the spa area.

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Jun 22, 2009
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While they should be approved, I don't consider any of those fittings safe enough. A person could possibly obstruct the entire cover even with one of those covers. I suggest a vacuum safety relief valve on the suction of the pump, that covers all the possibilities.