Safe to Swim Question - Brother in Laws Pool

Slowly teaching my brother in law the BBB method, his test kit should arrive early next week.

He has a gunite IG pool 16x32x32 L shaped (aprox) pool around 30,000 gallons.

first two Lpool store results as follows.

Two tests

1st test, FC and TAC 0, PH 7.4, TA 70, CYA 100, CH 190, TDS 500 and Phosphates 1500 recommended 16lbs of Alkalinity up, 6lbs of Powder Plus, 32 ounces of Algae Control and 52oz of Phosfree

2nd test, FC and TAC 0, PH 7.4, TA 120 (overshot the TA), CYA 100, CH170 , TDS 550 and Phosphates 2500 (what how did this happen) the test results make no sense why would his CH go down, phosphates go up by over 60% and the over shot the TA. recommended 56 pounds of hardness plus, 3-4 pounds of Powder Plus

We know he is on the yoyo and getting pool stored, we have stopped that. We know that we need to work on his CYA and we will do that gradually.

He went on vacation for a week, he shocked the pool with bleach and then placed some pucks in his skimmer baskets 2 or 3 per(not the best thing but he had them). He received his first electric bill at the new house and in shock went and turned off his pump and left town for a week.

Yesterday he arrived home and turned on his pump and took a water sample.

The pool store told him everything was perfect, PH of 7.6, TA70, CH 400 (how is this possible given his prior readings), CYA 60 (once again what) but his FC was 14 with his total Chlorine at 14.

He was told that this was unsafe to swim in and he needed to use some chlorine neutralizer ASAP. He balked at purchasing left the store and called me (win).

I do not believe that it is possible for his CYA to be that low, he has replaced maybe 15% of his water since the second test. I don't think his FC levels are "dangerous" because his CYA levels must still be in the 80-90 range at least (and using the CYA chart).

He is going to vacuum the pool and remove the pucks and add some fresh water. His daughter has a get together at 4:00 this afternoon and he is worried.

I really don't think his FC levels are that high either, I wonder what they would be with a good test after more circulation.

Should he have any worries about having his daughter and friends in the pool?

I think he is good to go and we really need a set of accurate test results.


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Jun 12, 2008
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Are you close to him? I am assuming that you have a good test kit since you are teaching him BBB. Perhaps you can test his pool with your kit to get some accurate numbers.