rusts on stainless steel pool


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Sep 24, 2018
Pearl River
Hi everyone
Looking for advise for my trouble with rusting of my stainless steel in-ground swimming pool (16x30, rectangle, 16k gallons)

Stainless Steel pool that is painted inside but had significant rust stains especially mostly on the walls over the time. Some existed before we moved though

Can you suggest me a way liner (such as fiberglass or vinyl or another) can be a solution to stop rust problem for long run? and what kind of cost I should expect

Alternatively, if grinding rust and repainting of the pool is the way to go, what is the recommended paint to use? I heard from someone that there is paint which is available in Canada but cannot be sold in USA is a superior product!

Thanks so much


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Jul 6, 2015
Long Island City, NY
Do you have pictures?

Stainless steel does not rust. But, if it is scratched by carbon steel the softer carbon steel will settle in the scratch and rust. The solution is surprisingly simple. Rub it with acid, a lemon will do.

Sounds like you have a large area problem. Perhaps they prepped panels with carbon steel wire wheels instead of stainless wheels.