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Mar 16, 2021
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Is rusted rebar a problem before gunnite is sprayed??

I hired a pool builder who dug a hole in my yard and installed rebar. The builder collected the draw from my bank and never returned. The rebar and dig have been exposed to the winter weather for 3 months now... dig collapsing and rebar rusting due to large amounts of rain and freezing weather. I have contracted a new pool company to repair and finish the pool that the first pool company did not. The new builder is going to fix the dig but plans on using the same rebar in the ground that is rusted. Is this going to cause a problem now or in the future?


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Aug 16, 2020
Yup. Rusting is not a problem. Even when you buy it at your local big box home improvement store it’s covered in light surface rust. Just touch it then look at your hands.

once it’s encased in concrete it’ll be fine.
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