Rust Prevention for AGP Frame


Jun 19, 2019
I live on the Texas gulf coast. Had an Intex 18x52 ultra frame. Used the pool for 2 summers and started noticing rust towards the end of the tubes where they lock into the connectors. When I took them apart I saw they were corroded pretty bad. Thank God I bought the extended warranty from Walmart. When I called them they had me send pictures of the damage. They said they covered that damage but couldn’t send the parts so they refunded me the purchase price. I’m about to buy a new one, so here’s my question. Is there some kind of paint I can put on the ends to prevent the rust from starting? Thanks.

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I think most people I've seen with Intex, Coleman, and similar style pools simply use something like Rustoleum. Cheap * easy. Seems to help give them some extra seasons. I'll modify your title to help get more attention to the pool itself. Hopefully other AGP owners will see it.


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Oct 20, 2017
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Look into the Intex Ultra XTR Frame. The XTR series has powder coating on the inside and outside of the tubes for better rust resistance.

It comes with a 2 year warranty from Intex, unlike all the other models of pools like your Ultra Frame that only come with a 90 warranty.


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Feb 18, 2018
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I sprayed mine with rustoleum and sprayed inside the tubes as well. I plan on using some kind of tape (silicone ?) over the connections and over the pins to try to keep water out. Another poster made flaps that go over the openings around the top of the pool that keeps the water off the t's where the legs attach and the pins. I'd do that if I were planning to keep the pool more than a couple seasons. I'll see if i can find that post later today and will link it.