Rust on intake and pool liner. Newish IG pool owner

Northeast.. so we open/close pool. Moved in 3 years ago. existing IG pool (old, from the 80s. steel wall). We are third owners and second owners added a Pentichlor salt generator, but not a zinc anode.

This season we have big rust buildup on the intake, and rust spots accumulating in the low end and steps. I assume the rust is coming in from the intake, and getting pushed all around.

So two factors this season. one is a big one.
1) had new concrete decking done 2-3 weeks ago. Took care that everything was bonded, even the bonding in the new concrete. (or so I/we think) But.. could something be wrong with the bonding to make this start rusting so much?
2) I have too much salt in the pool. The salt unit was showing low. Pool place said add four 40lb bags. Still showed low. I added two more bags. Now measures 4000 when max is 3400.
3) I did buy a zinc anode bubble thing this morning and just waiting for some rain to stop before putting it on. Could my problem simply be I've always needed the zinc anode and got lucky the last 3 years without it.. and putting it in will solve my problems?

So... my biggest worry is that there is a bonding issue, or a structural issue.. related to the concrete work, as that is obviously the worst thing to have to fix.
or could it simply be salt, or the zinc anode being missing?

(had a pool at old house for 15 years but was above ground and I was the chlorinator)

Thanks in advance for any advice!!!



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Dec 22, 2016
Arlington, Texas
Did metal construction debris get in the pool? The roof was replaced on my house weeks before we moved in and the morons let lots of asphalt pebbles and some nails get in the pool, and just left them. The pebbles were just annoying, but the nails caused rust stains.