Rust and leak around return


New member
May 25, 2020
Nova Scotia, Canada
The "rusty return"pic is the rust around the return when I unhooked it. The "return fixed" pic is after my attempted fix. Problem is it is still leaking a bit, more than I'm comfortable with. I cut a piece of tin and fitted it around the return, but on the outside of the pool. Then I tried to use sealant to caulk around the return to stop the leak. Now the caulking has pulled away in spots, probably due to it being on the outside and the natural tendency for the pool is to push out and push it away from the sides. I feel like my best option probably is
- to drain the pool again
- unhook return again
- unhook cap and pull liner away from pool by the return
- use tin to repair wall from inside the pool between the liner and the wall
- seal it again and tape around it to protect the liner
- refill the pool and hope it works

Can someone who know more than me please confirm if this makes sense and how far down do I need to drain the pool. I assume I have to go down 4" below the return anyway. I'm just nervous about taking the liner down, I have never done it before.