Running pool at high pH


Nov 2, 2021
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
Not to beat a dead horse but there are tons of salt water pools around me. I have not seen any evidence that a salt pool ruins anything faster than a non-salt pool. Chance are, the root cause of the damage is more likely just bad chemical maintenance overall.
I talked to 3 builders in my area when I started my backyard and none of them really even install anything other than salt pools with SWGs nowadays.
I have travertine coping around my salt pool. Do lots of cannonballs and splash water everywhere. Never rinsed off the pavers or travertine because of pool splash. Never had a problem with damage on my travertine coping. I keep my salt level at about 2,500ppm-3,300ppm.
Travertine definitely holds up better; we have Limestone from Egypt (much denser than in US), soaked it in Dry-Treat 40SK; and we still did not feel comfortable subjecting it to salt water. We were told to retreat the fountain, carved out of one large Limestone, every year with the 40SK. So yeah, just not worth the risk and went with regular chlorine pool.
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