Running Chlorinator in Winter months


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Jul 31, 2017
Summerfield, Fl
Question for those of you far more knowledgeable about pools....I have an 8500 gal. in-ground salt water pool, and I live in Central Florida. It's not unusual to experience frost conditions in the morning during the winter months. My question regards the chlorinator (Hayward) and the need to generate chlorine in the winter. Pool temp is currently 64 degrees and the pool sits idle until April/May. Could I simply set % to "0" output, shut the chlorinator "off", or should I maintain a small % of chlorination throughout the winter?
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Jul 7, 2014
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You should still keep your FC at the same ppm level during the winter that you do in the summer. The difference is that in the winter the pool will not use much FC so you will have to add very little each day.. If youe water temps stay above about 55 degrees, then you can just turn your cell down so that it only adds the amount chlorine used each day.

You should always keep your FC based upon your CYA level.. See this CYA/FC chart, under the saltwater section.. FC/CYA Chart


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Jan 17, 2012
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I turn my device off and just add liquid chlorine as needed when its winter. It doesn't need it very often, so its not a hassle. The SWG will be turned on again when the water warms up. Most SWGs stop working in cold water (between 50-60 degrees)

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