rpm for intelliflo with H-40 Hayward chlorine generator


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Aug 14, 2010
I'm replacing a 1.5 hp single speed pump with an Intelliflo vs-svrs pump. I have a Hayward H-40 chlorine generator and have been told I should run the pump at 1700 - 1750 rpm for the chlorine generator to work properly. Is this true? Should that be my base operating speed? I have 1-1/2" piping and pool/spa combo. I'm pretty sure I can calculate total daily run time to turn over my water once I know what speed I should run at. Thanks for all the help.


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May 7, 2007
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The SWG needs a minimum flow rate to work properly. When the flow rate gets too low the SWG will turn off and say on the panel (with a code number) that there is not enough flow. What speed that happens at depends on many details of your plumbing and how dirty the filter is.

You can figure out the minimum speed for your specific system if you wait till the filter is fairly dirty and then adjust the speed until the SWG turns off for lack of flow and then turn the speed up about 200 RPM above that. I suspect that it will be fine at speeds well below 1700, but it depends on so many things it is impossible to be sure without testing on your setup.


Feb 24, 2010
I have recently changed from a Hayward Northstar single speed to the Pentair Intelliflo. I wandered down to the pumphouse this morning to check my flow rate. It is currently running at 23gpm, 160W, 1180 RPM giving me one 27 000 gallon water change over my 19 hour run time. I use an Autopilot SC60. I did have an even lower flow rate but the Autopilot stopped. I cleaned its gauze filter and it was actually happy running at below 1000RPM but I wanted to be sure so I reduced the run time to 19 hours and let the pump increase the RPM to still give me my 1 water change per day.

I know it is not your SWG but they may need similar flow rates.



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May 20, 2007
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Experience has taught me that reducing the max speed and using a 2" feed on the suction is needed or the pump will report priming problems.

If the pump runs are 3450 rpm during priming with 1.5" pipe, it will think there is a clog.


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