Rough Concrete Coping - Solved


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Jul 2, 2014
Athens, GA - USA
When our pool was installed over the winter, I questioned the texture of the concrete cantilever coping. It looked and felt really rough but I was told that it was normal and it was supposed to be rough like that. Now that the water is getting warm and the kids are getting in the pool, I started getting complaints about how rough it is. If one sits on the edge of the pool, it really cuts up their legs. I found an old post here where someone said a rub brick might help. So I gave it a shot.

Found this on Amazon for about $15

Here is the before:

And After:

The coping is MUCH smoother now. We have a swim-out and it is now possible to stretch out with arms resting on the pool side without getting scratched.

If anyone ever finds this helpful, keep a couple of things in mind:
1.) The rub brick does wear down rather quickly. I only did the inside edge to about 3" on top. Our pool is 16x32. If I had a much larger pool or was doing more of the deck, I might have needed two rub bricks.
2.) When sanding rounded areas be sure to move the brick around and try to get even wear. Else you might get a concave wear pattern in the brick making it difficult to sand flat areas.
3.) It dropped a lot of dust into the pool. I manually vacuumed the steps and piles of dust that I could see and set the robot for the rest. Pool got pretty cloudy after the robot ran but cleared up overnight.