Robotic vacuum for initial cleaning?


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May 24, 2018
South Eastern PA
Hello all... I'm still a pretty new pool owner, coming up on my third season... thanks to the advice in this forum, I just invested in a Maytronics S300i from Margaret at Marina Pool, Spa & Patio. As others have said, she was great to work with! I haven't opened my pool for the season yet, so the new vacuum is patiently waiting for its maiden voyage. My question is... should I manually vacuum the pool when I first open it? Or will the robot be able to handle all the sediment? My thought was that I could drop it in before adding any chemicals, then work on stabilizing the water.


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Mar 21, 2016
Marrietta Ga
Margaret said in a different post if you have a lot of leaf's remove the fine filters and just use the screen. I left my fine ones in and just cleaned them a couple times the first day I ran it for opening..
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