Robotic Pool Cleaners

May 27, 2012
Hello all! I hope this site will offer a lot of help for a first time above ground pool owner. I am researching automatic robotic pool cleaners, but I am not sure if there is one manufactured that will clean a 33' round pool. All of the models I have seen (Swimjet, Aquabot Pool Rover, and Smartkleen) state that they have a 40' cord, but only the Swimjet HD states that it will clean up to a 30' pool. Any advise is appreciated.
Thanks, Fred R.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome to the forum. :lol: It's a funny rule of thumb but it works....the cost (and cleaning power) of a robot is directly proportional to the length of it's cord.

The smaller, less expensive ones are intended for smaller pools and the ones with 100' cords ($$$) are, well, you get the idea. :lol:


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Aug 15, 2011
Aloha Fred! :wave:

The OTHER half of the equation is the location of your 115V receptacle. If it is close to the pool, then your 40' cable will really be a 40' cable. But if your receptacle is 18' from the pool, part of your 40' cable will be used up on the ground. Most of the transformer boxes include a 115V cord of 6' length.

Keep in mind that the transformer box must be kept dry, either under the eaves of your home or patio, or under a cover with side ventilation at the edge of your pool. If you have a long rectangular pool, it helps to have the transformer box plugged in around the middle of the long side, so the robot can go either way without running out of cable.

Hope this helps...those robots really are efficient cleaners...actually money saving in many ways. :mrgreen: