Robot Reccomendations


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Aug 29, 2020
Hey All
I am having a pool 'refurbishment' soon and was recommended to get a

Pentair Legend Platinum Pressure Side Cleaner with Hose Kit
Pentair 3/4 HP Booster Pump

From reading here it seems that a Robot may be better and I have easy GFCI access to accommodate this.
I have about a 12k Gallon pool and i have attached a picture. I have seen people mention the alpha iq+ and it seems nice.
My main concerns are a larger basket (we live on the coast can get windy and I have a decent amount of landscaping around the pool) and it being ok to use with a Quartz based refinish.

Any advice or guidance would be appreciated!



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Jul 4, 2019
Glastonbury CT
I along with a lot of other members here have one of the Dolphin S200 or similar. The Pentair Warrior SE is a S200 rebranded. They work really well and have a large top loading basket. S200/Warrior SE are the baseline no frills versions but me personally didn't need the extras that came with the other models. They work on all type pools to my knowledge.

Marina Pool Spa and Patio is where a lot of us purchased them. Great service. You do have to call in to order but that is to help keep full warranty. Free shipping and no tax. There website has some more information as well.