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Jul 13, 2007
Preparation for the new pool has moved to cleaners....especially after fooling around with the Kreepy next door and not having much luck. The PB sold it to them for $600 and I said no thanks, I will find my own. I will have a suction line but not impressed with Kreepy. Pressure is not really an option due to initial and ongoing costs. Even though robots are not cheap, I like the concept. A local company has the Tiger Shark and they say they have not had any problems. I like the fact that they are local and also do warranty work but that is the only brand they carry. They will also take it back if I am not happy which is probably worth something compared to an internet company. Based on some of the review here, I am thinking that being able to return for no cost and having a service center close is a plus. I am also considering a blue pearl and dolphin. You can search high and low and find positive and negative reviews for every cleaner out there. Bottom line is it needs to work in my 12x24x42 grecian L. We live on old farm land so not a tree in sight. Expecting mostly dirt and grass in the pool. I would love to hear any suggestions from the group and particularly from anyone who has or has known of someone with a robot and similar pool. I would like to stay under $1000 if at all possible. Thanks


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May 26, 2007
From a previous Dolphin owner (same as Tigershark) go with Blue Diamond. 4 yr warranty, 2 week retrun policy and a much better machine.


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May 30, 2007
I've had a bunch...

An Aquabot Turbo, Aquabot Pool Rover Plus and now a thepoolcleaner pressure side cleaner.

The Aquabot Turbo got stuck on the stairs, main drain, on the return lines, ate its own cord... nothing but trouble for my pool.
The Aquabot Pool Rover was a much simpler design and worked much better.

The Robotics clean/filter and polish the water but I have a DE filter and never noticed that much of a difference. The main reason I went with a pressure side cleaner is is that my pool tends to collect above average debris and I wanted the pool clean and ready to go pretty much around the clock. I empty the bag 1x/week. With a robotic one has to pull it out, plug it in and let it run a cycle then empty/hose out the bag each time... Not a big deal if your pool doesn't collect a lot of junk.

My wife is the other reason I went with the pressure side cleaner.... She is a petite woman and could not easily put the cleaner into the pool and definitely couldn't lift it out once it completed it's cycle.

If my pool wasn't so debris prone I think I might have gone with thepoolcleaner suction side model which is the equivalent of having a roving main drain.

I will add a poolbuster to hit the stairs+small areas the automatic misses sometime later.
Jan 5, 2008
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Try iRobot Verro

I am using iRobot Verro for gunite (concrete) pool.
I love it. It does the work on 80% of the pool and its walls. the rest I brush to the areas where the robot cleans better.
I general it does my 15kG pool in 1.5 hours.
Cost is $699 if you buy online.
Look for it in


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May 9, 2007
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I use a Aquabot Pool Rover Plus and it does a excellent job cleaning the pool. It is a pretty simple design but works well. I bought mine from Costco.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Like you, I want a robot but don't yet have one. Beware buying a small one for that big pool....size matters!! :lol:

I've been reading and researching and talking to folks for a while now and come up with this conclusion......for a pool your size (and mine) you wont get out for less than a $1000 bucks.....$1500 more likely