Rising TA - Need some help!


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Oct 16, 2019
The Villages, Florida
Over the past week my TA has risen from 90 to 150. A little background first - A little over a week ago, I fat fingered my TA entry in Pool Math. Instead of entering 110, I entered 11. Of course, it told me to add lots of baking soda... and stupid me, I did it. I immediately realized my error, but it was too late! My TA went up to 130 the next day. (A side note here... it would be nice if Pool Math, which knows what I entered in the previous test result, would issue a warning along with the chemical to add - i.e. your entry looks incorrect based on history, please verify before adding chemical.)

Anyway, over the past week, all tests have been good except for TA. Pool Math now has me adding muriatic acid every day... the first day it dropped the TA from 130 to 110, but it has risen every couple of days to 150 today. Below are my latest test results:

FC: 5.0
CC: 0.0
pH: 7.7
TA: 150
CH: 475
CYA: 75
Salt: 3600 (Note: I just installed R3.2 firmware for the Omni, and my salt readings are 400 higher they were under R3.1. I have a note into Hayward tech support)
Temp: 87
CSI: 0.40

Any ideas here? Is there anything other than muriatic acid (I'm using 31.45%) to lower TA without impacting pH?

Thanks in advance!
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nothing can lower ta without lowering ph as well
just keep your ph in the low 7's and ta will gradually come down
when testing ta remember to wipe the tip on the reagent bottle as it is succeptible to static electricity changing drop sizes