Riser and laterals too high after sand change


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Jul 15, 2021
Changed the sand in my filter today (200#) and refilled after adding water first in filrer 1/2 full. Bad idea. I filled back the filter with aa cup (heck of a job) to realize the the stand pipeis too high!!! Probablt the stand pipe and the laterals are sitting on sand instead of filter bottom (1/2 inch too high) and can't close the valve head.

Since I hated changing the sand, would stiring the bottom of the sand filter while using a pressure washer anhd moving the rised work in bringing the riser/laterals to rhe bottom ?

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: That's unfortunate. Someone else recently had that same thing happen. :brickwall: Your safest bet would be to remove the sand and start over to get the laterals and center pipe firmly on the bottom. You can try other methods, but be very careful. You don't want to snap a lateral trying to force it down.
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