right fitting for the zodiac cleaner hose to poolmaster 28300 leaf vac?


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Sep 16, 2017
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I bought Poolmaster 28300 leaf vacuum and have the zodiac hose assembly. I use the return jet from the Polaris booster pump and it seems to have good pressure that helps vacuum the pool floor of large debris.

I use a fitting 1/2" barb to 5/8" MHT, (found in the irrigation aisle of the big box hardware store) to connect the Zodiac hose to the Poolmaster's quick-connect 5/8" fitting. But frequently the barb-MHT adapter gets separated possibly no matter how much tight the zodiac nut is. Is there another fitting I should use?

FWIW, 28316 model seems to have multi-directional wheels whereas 28300 seems to have wheels that just move back and forth. I would have bought 28316 if I had done better research.


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Jul 21, 2013
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The Poolmaster 28300 leaf vacuum is designed to connect to a garden hose. I think connecting it to a booster pump is more pressure then it is designed for.

Post pics of the fittings you are trying to use and where it is separating.


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Sep 16, 2017
Silicon Valley,CA
Link to pic: Sign in - Google Accounts
Notes attached to the picture: "
Black: 1/2" BARB to 1/2" MPT typically used in irrigation/sprinkler setups.
White: 1/2" FPT to 5/8" FHT - to go from pipe thread to hose thread.
Green: melnor quickconnect for a garden hose.
Problem: The barb side is too loose for a Zodiac Pool cleaner leader hose. I need a fitting that is tight enough. I have seen some videos on youtube that connect the cleaner with the return from the booster pump. It makes sense to me because I can't always pump water into the pool that might already be full and I want to remove the leaf debris.
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