Reviving an in ground pool, need help


Apr 22, 2019
Long Grove, IL
So, we purchased a foreclosure BECAUSE it already had an existing in ground pool. Well it needs a LOT of work. We drained it to clean it out and replace the liner but then found some pipe that was letting ground water in. I’ve tried reaching out to the pool guy that put the pool in but he’s not returning my calls, the neighbor across the street said a drain pipe was put in to get ground water out (but this pipe is letting water in). Anyways how can I replace the liner if ground water is coming in from this pipe in the pool area? We also found this pvc pipe coming out of the ground, it says Hayward on it so we know it goes with the pool but no idea what it’s for? Any ideas on both issues?



Gold Supporter
May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
Well, you can close it off, but before you do that I'd try to find out why it is letting water back into the pool when it sounds like it's a groundwater gravity drain to remove water from the pool area (?)